90’s bedrooms- Inspiration

90’s bedrooms- Inspiration

Before the age of internet and long before myspace was a thing, teenagers expressed themselves through their bedroom decor. A sleepover meant the perfect chance to show off your newest acquisition, carefully placed in a corner, noticeable enough to get complemented.

The Full House Room of Dj & Steph Blossom’s Pink Corner Bed


We start our journey with TV Show’s bedrooms: the first inspo stop. Posters were a big part of our teenage life, we hunted them down in magazines and eagerly waited for their release. Posters represented who we are and what we loved; kind of like our Instagram or Pinterest boards today.Buckle up for our secon stop Movies bedrooms: a ride down memory lane filled with magic and pure childhood feels.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch had our heats stirring and striking: A talking cat, a lava lamp, a vintage canopy hung behind her bed and that purple wallpaper. We still did not mention her magic powers.

Lydia’s Room in Mrs. Doubtfire Kids Room in Hook


There is just something enchanting about hung fabric and soft lighting, especially if you are reading the adventures of peter pan with Wendy in a made up sheet tent. The kids room in the movie Hook triggered the highest levels of jealousy: Pink wallpaper walls, two framed symmetrical beds nestled in their wall nooks and the infamous balcony that sends you flying to Neverland. 

Attic Room in Home Alone Tree House in Now & Then


Attics, Basements and Treehouses are special secret places that kids love to make their own. Away from the adult world, their imagination runs wild in these spaces, fighting monsters & pirates, making potions, casting spells. 


Bart’s Room Dexter’s Room


Cartoon TV Shows play in a league of their own with their imaginative setups: Dexter’s secret lab, Andy’s world of toys & Bart’s Crusty the Clown obsession.


Toy Story Room Arthur’s Room


Just let us all pause and admire the design genius behind Hey Arnold’s attic room. His entire ceiling was made out of windows- to see the stars at night & the pink clouds at sunset. He also had a sofa bed that comes out of the wall with a click of a button. Clearly our chosen 90’s bedroom winner.

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