Your Kids Interior Fairy Godmother

I am fascinated by furniture, design and always on the hunt for the next creative accent element. Thru my online addiction and thru my travels, I love spotting authentic pieces to bring back home to the UAE,  and decorate my place or gift my loved ones. 

Hence the idea of launching Strawberry Fields, a haven of magical additions, wishing for them to bring a sparkling touch to the homes of Dubai.

Our purpose is to provide parents with safe, creative, sustainable and magical options to decorate their children’s nursery rooms. 

We are curating a selection of decorative products designed and made by independent artisans.

We are collaborating with artists from around the region to create special & unique pieces that inspire young ones to imagine open worlds with no boundaries. 

New Born Gifts

The perfect gift selection tailored specifically to welcome new born babies.

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Nursery Deco Gifts

For those who wish to gift a Nursery Decorative Element this selection is for you!

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Young Kids Gifts

Gifts for Kids (1- 6 ) that guarantee hours of fun and play.

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