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Dolola Arabic Nursery Rhymes

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Travel back to your childhood with Arabic Nursery Rhymes we all grew up with. Introduce your kid’s to discover and fall in love with the Arabic Culture in a fun and interactive way with these Nursery Rhymes books.

  • This book contains 6 popular Rhymes (Hal Sisan, Samaki Zahabiyi, Aandi Bissi, Tiri Tiri Ya Asfoura, Sana Helwa Ya Gamil, Na’ili ahla Zahra)
  • Each page is transcribed in Arabic as well as phonetic Arabic
  • Flip the pages and click the button play the music

Illustrated by Tania Khazzaka

Product Specification:

16 x 16 cm

12 pages square book format

Battery Activated 


Dolola Arabic Nursery Rhymes